Trapped Swan Is Rescued. HOORAY!

*Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT anything like this on your own! Animal rescues, especially ones like this, should be done by experienced volunteers. Thank you!

Just imagine seeing something so beautiful face such an ugly situation! A swan trapped in fishing lines would have certainly lost this battle if it weren’t for this individual. A man saw a swan in distress, caught in fishing lines, and didn’t let a bit of frozen water distract him from helping this poor creature out.

Wielding a knife (with obvious experience, read disclaimer please!), he set out to break the ice up and get his small boat over to the bird in need. Amazingly, the swan almost knows this man is there to help, and calms down to allow the netting to be cut. As I said before, this is for someone very experienced! The netting was tightly wrapped around the swan’s leg and this could have ended in disaster. Thankfully it didn’t and the swan is now safe and sound.

We ask, or I should say PLEAD, that fishing lines NOT be left unattended. Things like this can happen and it’s incredibly dangerous to surrounding wildlife.

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