A Dog Managed To Swallow A Drone And Ended Up Needing A $10,000 Surgery

Seeing your dog suddenly act out of the ordinary, showing signs of sickness, is terrifying. I’m no stranger to sudden trips to the vet when it comes to my own dog, and I don’t blame this person for panicking when she noticed her dog had suddenly stopped eating and drinking.

PHOTO: Pixabay/Queven

Lindsey Williams said that she just noticed that her dog had become lethargic and started vomiting. Hoping that maybe whatever her dog was feeling was nothing too serious, Lindsey decided to just monitor Jada for a while before going to see a vet.

After about 24 hours and no signs of improvement, Lindsey finally decided to have her Jada get checked out. Lindsey was fearful that she wouldn’t be able to settle the vet bills though, as she recently lost her job and wouldn’t be able to afford the incoming vet bill, so she called several clinics to ask for help with Jada’s case but with no success.

It was when Lindsey was finally able to call The Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) Animal Hospital that she got the help she and her furry companion needed.

According to the HSTB, Jada’s owner already suspected that Jada ate something that she shouldn’t have, and it truly was something out of the ordinary. The hospital quickly had Lindsey bring Jada in for X-rays and confirmed that there was indeed a “foreign body” stuck right at the bottom of Jada’s stomach.

Turns out, the “foreign body” that Jada was able to eat was a drone. In an interview with ABC Action News, Lindsey describes how big the drone was, how she found it already missing all the “spinning pieces” and how she was able to conclude that the drone is probably what her dog ate.

Dr. Justin Boorstein performed the emergency surgery on Jada to save her life. It’s very fortunate that they were able to detect the drone in Jada, since Dr. Boorstein said that foreign objects are difficult to identify and don’t always show up in the X-rays, especially if it’s not metallic. “If Jada had not had surgery, I’d say 24-48 hours, unfortunately, there probably would have been a hole in the intestines, which would have led to an infection in the abdomen and would have had a very poor prognosis,” Dr. Boorstein said.

PHOTO: Youtube/ABC Action News

X-ray of Jada’s stomach

When talking about the frantic journey before Jada’s surgery, Lindsey said, “I broke down crying because I was very scared. I was worried. I was truly terrified. For me, it was very emotional because I felt like I was failing her because I could not afford the surgery.”

With the help of the HSTB and their “Save a Pet Fund” for cases like this, Jada’s surgery bill was paid, and she was able to make a full recovery. “She is back to her little spunky self,” Lindsey said.

PHOTO: Youtube/ABC Action News
Jada after surgery!

The nonprofit organization was able to help Lindsey and Jada for free when the estimated surgery cost was between $6,000-$10,000 in other clinics.

If you’d like to help with cases like Lindsey and Jada, consider visiting our “Click To Give” website. Every purchase made triggers a donation to charity.

Watch the news clip about Jada in the video below.

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