The ‘Happiest Dog On Earth’ Is Proving Her Doctors Wrong Every Single Day!

A dog with this much fighting spirit could take on the world! Meet Scooty! As a stray puppy in Mexico, she was hit by a car. But she was brought here and adopted by a loving mama who nursed her back to health.

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The vets said she would never walk again. Scooty’s mom didn’t take their word for it. Even though Scooty has her own wheelchair, she loves to “scoot” around. She’s also involved in lots of physical therapy, including hydrotherapy, to work her muscles and joints.

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Through lots of faith, love, and hard work, Scooty is defying the odds. She can now walk a bit on her own, use the stairs AND even wag her tail. This little fighter is full of energy, and full of puppy smiles.

No wonder she’s being hailed the Happiest Dog On Earth! Watch Scooty’s inspiring video… and remember if you believe in yourself, anything is pawsible!

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