Little Girl Sings To Her Foster Dog To Remind Her That She’s Not Alone

Laila the pit bull was living with a foster family while her mom, Navy Second-Class Petty Officer Christina Baez was on deployment in the Middle East.

PACT For Animals, a group that helps families in emergency military or medical situations find foster homes for their pets, helped match Laila with the Masusock family in New Jersey. Her human foster sister, Anna, loves Laila more than anything. It was always her number one priority to make Laila feel comfortable and at home.

PACT For Animals
PACT For Animals

To make Laila feel loved, Anna would sing to her as she fell asleep. While Anna serenaded Laila with “You Are My Sunshine,” Laila slowly drifted off to dreamland. Anna gently stroked Laila’s face while the two of them laid together in bed. If this doesn’t melt your heart, then I don’t know what will!

Laila has since been reunited with her mom. You can watch their adorable reunion by clicking here.

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