Sunday’s Dog: Brian

Sunday’s featured Dog of the Day is Brian, an adorable rescued puppy who found a loving home with some caring people!

Rescue Story of Brian

It was Father’s Day 2012 when a fluffy little face full of mischief appeared on my Facebook news feed. We had been on the lookout for a new addition to the family after we lost our precious boy to cancer. The ideal dog for us would be two or three years old, medium size, and short haired. Knowing puppies were more easily re-homed, we dismissed the – until we saw his face.

Just a baby, he had been found on a building site where he hurt and hungry, but was fortunately taken to a no kill refuge. His little leg was so badly broken that in other circumstances he may have been put to sleep. For his extensive injuries, Brian needed expensive, specialist surgery. Those who cared for him named him after the Monty Python movie ‘The Life of Brian’ and the name stuck.

We were smitten, in love at first sight, and lucky enough to have our application to adopt him accepted. It had been a very long time since we had a puppy in the house and we had forgotten the amount of work they were. Fortunately, Brian is smart and took to training easily. He was always ready and eager to learn. Now, 18 months and 50 kilo later, it is impossible to measure the amount of joy he has brought to us. He has a permanent smile on his big goofy face, and even those who are usually wary of large dogs cannot help but laugh when he is around.

Perth, Australia

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