Does Your Dog Hate The Summer Heat? You Need To Read This!

The dog days of summer are almost here! Considered to be the most sweltering days of summer, this stretch of sticky and humid temps is enough to make anyone lose their cool. Dogs are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures. Due to their physical makeup, they don’t have the ability to sweat all over like humans do, making it hard for them to cool down quickly. They are at a high risk of overheating when the temps climb, which can be deadly if not controlled. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep them cool and safe during the hot summer months.

We’ve put together a great list that every dog owner should read before heading out into the summer heat!

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7. Just Keep Swimming!

Swimming is great exercise for your dog, as well as a perfect way to keep them cool during the day! It’s important to keep in mind that not every dog enjoys swimming, and be sure to read these safety tips before heading out to the beach or pool.

6. Always Provide Shade

A shaded area should always be available for your pup to cool down in. Dogs can actually get sunburned, just like humans, so a break from the intense sun is a good idea. A shady spot where both you and your pup can relax is necessary for hot summer days.

5. Cooling Jacket

This KONG Cooling Coat exchanges your dog’s body heat with the coolness of water stored in the coat to keep them comfortable on extremely hot days. This coat can stay cool for up to six hours! Get one for your pup here!


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