Sassy Italian Greyhound Dresses In Fashionable Outfits To Keep Warm

Admit it, playing dress-up with your pets is one of the perks that come with having an adorable little fur baby. And there is one pooch who struts the streets of Montreal in total style.

Tika the Iggy is an adorable little Italian greyhound that has made quite a name for herself on social media, thanks to her owners’ amusement in dressing her up in fun outfits.

Her two dads love to fawn over their precious pup and dress her in all sorts of daring outfits from faux fur coats to tracksuits, and even colorful onesies. But they don’t just do it for looks, they do it to keep her warm during Canada’s cold seasons.

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

Italian greyhounds have short fur, so it can be too cold for little Tika to go outside from October to May without wearing something to keep warm. Instead of putting her in run-of-the-mill sweaters or jackets, her owners put all their creativity into dressing her up. They know just how to keep her trendy when it’s cold out.

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The senior dog, who is about 9 years old, has proven herself to be quite the social media star and activist. The huge amount of attention she’s received from her followers has helped her raise awareness for the LGTBQ community.

The professional model dog, who actually paid for her photo shoots, has surpassed 1 million followers, and we can only imagine that her owners are so proud of the adorable social media phenomenon that she’s become.

Check out some of our favorites down below:

1. Party Time

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

2. Time for the Ball


3. Cozy Day at Home

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

4. 60s Film Star

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

5. All the Colors of the Rainbow

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

6. Too Many Bags

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

7. Snow Day Style

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

8. Ready for the Cover of Vogue

Photo: Instagram/

9. Pink Lady

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

10. Coat of Many Colors

Photo: Instagram/tikatheiggy

What do you think of the very stylist Tika?

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