Study Being Launched With Goal to Understand Canine Cancer

A sad fact is that not much is known about canine cancer and why golden retrievers tend to develop the disease at higher rates than other breeds. However, a new study is being launched by the Morris Animal Foundation to learn more about this canine cancer epidemic.

The $25 million lifetime study will follow the lives of 3,000 young and healthy golden retrievers. According to, samples from the dogs' nails, urine, hair, stool and blood with be submitted to veterinarians regularly. Additionally, the owners will undergo questioning so the researchers can gain insight into the animals' lifestyles.

The study has the potential to reveal more about canines' health beyond cancer. According to the source, researchers may learn if dogs on certain diet plans, like grain-free, live longer than their conventional eating counterparts. Additionally, the range of questions being asked to the dog owners may help scientists learn more about pesticide use in the home, vaccination frequency and how those factors, among others, relate to the health and lives of dogs.

The Morris Animal Foundation is seeking additional golden retrievers to participant in the study. To date, more than 1,000 dogs owners have pledged their furry friends to take part in the project.

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