Student Invents “Gotta Go” Button

DogsWaitingWe’ve all experienced it, that moment where Fido is doing just about anything to grab your attention to let you know he needs to potty. And when we mean by anything, we don’t exclude the destruction of our doors, rugs, and furniture to give you the heads-up.

You can’t blame them; when you gotta go you gotta go, right? Well, one college student literally took that phrase right out of our mouths when he created the, “Gotta Go” button.

This past August, 20-year old, Chad Bingo and his father of Penfield, New York, had enough of their dog Gracie scratching at the door when it was time for her to go.

Chad and his father thought it would be a great idea if Gracie could hit a button near the door that would alert them of a needed bathroom break.

It started out as a joke with a Staples Easy Button, but to their surprise, the button worked perfectly.

“We put it by the door not expecting her to do anything and she pushed it and we heard that was easy and we thought this is a great idea,” Chad told News Channel 3.

Chad joined the Young Entrepreneurs Academy where he created the “Gotta Go” button so that more people and pups can enjoy his invention.

Chad has entered the “Gotta Go” button in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” competition. He also started Dogstar Pet Products to promote the innovative product and hopes to see it flying off the shelves soon.

Check it out here:

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