Two Stray Puppies Cling To Each Other For Comfort… Will They Be Okay?

We live in a big, scary world — finding someone to hold onto makes everything a little better.

Buddhist nuns came across two stray puppies, clinging to one another for comfort, on the streets in Thailand. It’s a big, scary world out there and having someone to hold onto is a big help. Seeing two puppies hug like this is both heartbreaking and beautiful.


No one knows for sure what they went through before being rescued from the streets of Thailand but what their rescuers can tell is that these two are bonded for life.


They are now safe and sound at the monastery, being cared for by the loving nuns who found them. Looks like they’re getting the hang of the whole meditation thing! Look who is fitting right in!


There are so many puppies out there all alone. Thankfully, these two found each other and the Buddhist nuns found them!


Source: Thailand News

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