Stray Kitten Born With Twisted Legs Find A Home

Dogs and cats have always had an interesting connection with each other. Just ask anyone who has both animals in their home, and they will let you know that things are never boring.

When a Newfoundland dog, Bebe, was exploring the area around her home, she found a little kitten. Bebe may have been a giant, but she was a gentle giant, so she picked the kitten up and brought him home.

It’s almost as if it was fate, because the little kitten was now in the hands of a volunteer that worked at a local animal rescue shelter.

Suddenly, this little kitten was in the best place possible. They named him Tater Tot, and the story is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

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The Kitty CrusAIDe codirector, Ash Houghton, is now the foster mom to Tater Tot and provides him with the care he needs. She also shared the story with all of us on social media.

Tater Tot Goes Viral

The first post came on June 17, when she went on Facebook to talk about the ‘pretty obvious malformations’ this little kitten was struggling with. He had twisted back legs, and his front legs were stuck at an odd angle.

On top of that, the kitten had a cleft palate, so there were going to be some significant medical expenses involved.

They were also holding a contest to see what they would name the little kitten, and it was decided it would be Tater Tot.

The little kitten had his front legs put into splints, and they are hoping to correct the problem so he doesn’t need surgery.

Tater Tot has certainly shown his desire to fight, and many people are rallying around him through social media. They are eagerly watching every update to see just how far he can go.

Houghton spoke with Newsweek, saying how the world loves an underdog and Tater Tot certainly fits that description. She finished, saying: “A lot of people have said his fight and zest for life are really inspiring, and I know he has been a tiny inspiration for me.”

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