Stray Dogs Save A Baby’s Life After She’s Tossed Onto The Street In A Bag

Stray dogs may not have the best reputation, but one group of strays are being called heroes after saving the life of a newborn baby girl.

Surveillance footage captured the moment a woman in India threw a bag into the street drain.

It wasn’t long before a pack of stray dogs gathered around to examine it, but once they saw what was in the bag, they refused to leave.

Photo: YouTube/Brut India

One of the dogs pulled the bag from the drain and others gathered around. The dogs reportedly barked non-stop until people took notice and the police were alerted.

After police arrived, they discovered a newborn baby girl wrapped in plastic. It was truly heartbreaking and the baby was in critical condition.

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Thankfully, they were able to get her the help she needed to survive and it’s all thanks to the dogs.

Photo: YouTube/Brut India

Despite the heartless crime being outlawed, infanticide is still a big issue in India. Some families view girls as an economic burden or they may feel they’ll have no way to provide for the baby.

There was a large study done on the issue in 2016 that determined that rates of infanticide are higher than we know, since many cases go unreported.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hopefully something can be done to address the issue, but at least for one baby girl, some kind-hearted dogs stepped in when humans wouldn’t.

Watch the video below:

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