Stray Dog With Injured Paw Asks The Vet’s Office For Help

Dogs are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for. They definitely have much more self-awareness and emotional intelligence than people imagine them to. And this was exemplified by one smart stray dog who knew exactly where to go when he needed medical attention.

The stray dog was suffering from a paw injury and was left roaming the streets of Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil. That is when the savvy pooch made his way to the veterinary clinic Clinica Vet VIP.

When the pup made his way into the clinic, the vet, Dr. Dayse Ferreira da Silva, immediately took note of the dog’s injury and she took him to the back of the check him out.

Photo: YouTube/Journal tv

As it turned out, the poor dog was suffering from a tumor. As the vet explained, “He presented me with a paw with a nail embedded in the cushion, causing a lot of pain, which after being cut and medicated, no longer feels pain. After clinical evaluation, tvt (transmissible venereal tumor) was verified, unfortunately very common in street animals, treatable through chemotherapy. It is a tick infestation, for which it has already been medicated.”

Photo: YouTube/Journal tv

Dr. Ferreira da Silva needed to remove the tumor, however, she needed to raise the funds in order to give the pup a new lease on life. In order to give the dog back the full use of his paw, she set out to campaign for money.

Photo: Instagram/clinicavetvip

Thankfully, she ended up being very successful – managing to raise twice the amount she had initially set out to raise, which was around $4,000. That is wonderful to know that she was going to be able to give the dog a second chance in his life.

Photo: Instagram/clinicavetvip

The pup was named Quindim after a sweet Brazilian dessert.

Quindim seems to be thriving with his new vet family. He certainly made the right choice in where he went for help!

Watch the videos below:

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