Stray Dog Knows How To Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Street Safely

When you see an unattended dog by the side of the road, your first reaction is likely one of concern. The modern world can be a fast-paced, unforgiving environment for strays to navigate. As true as this is, however, it’s equally true that dogs hold the ability to continually surprise and impress us.

One such example, caught on dashcam in 2018, shows what appears to be an unaccompanied, collarless dog showing how savvy his life on the streets has made him.

PHOTO: Wikipedia

The video, taken during a rainy, mid-day drive, shows a driver coming to a stop at a rain-slicked crosswalk by a grassy, forested area. Waiting at the crosswalk attentively was a small dog with dark markings. With measured ease, he swayed his head back and forth and waited for a break in the traffic to cross. Once oncoming traffic noticed him and came to a halt, he hesitantly took a few steps onto the roadway before trotting the rest of the way at a quick clip.


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Once safely on the other side, the dog continued toward his destination and the clip ends as the driver leaves. The chance interaction shows care and appropriate caution from everyone involved: The driver whose camera captured the interaction stops first, signaling to the dog that he sees him and is allowing him time to cross. The drivers in the opposite lane, who do not have as clear a view of the dog, react and come to a safe stop as well.


Lastly, the dog shows an exemplary understanding of his own right-of-way and clears the crosswalk safely. With such a clear-headed attitude towards his surroundings, this pup is likely still safe and sound – and can serve as an example to everyone who shares the road, whether it be doggos or drivers!

Watch the full video below:

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