Stray Dog Walks To A Stranger’s House And Asks To Be Adopted

Stray dogs are not always treated with the love and respect that they deserve. The old saying about being nice to everyone because you have no idea what battle they are fighting at the moment is also true of animals.

The stray dog in the video below just needed a little bit of love, herself, and she took it upon herself to get love.

She wandered onto the property of a family and decided she wanted them to adopt her.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Christ spotted her on his property and he recognized that the poor dog needed some love. He offered her food and water, and she quickly gobbled it up, openly grateful – and hungry.

While offering her one meal was truly a great act of kindness, Chris knew he needed to do more. After all, the poor dog didn’t have a second meal coming from anywhere else. That’s when he decided to take the stray in for a vet check-up and see if she had an owner somewhere.

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Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

As it turns out, the dog didn’t have any microchip, so Chris decided to take care of her himself. Just like the dog, who was named Jolene, seemed to want, she was adopted into the family.

Jolene was able to put on some healthy weight and seems to be thriving with her new life and family. Chris shared a photo of Jolene (nicknamed Jojo) on Instagram, on day 1 vs day 40. The difference is incredible!

Photo: Instagram/chris_moola

Watch the sweet video below:

You can follow Chris to see more of his life with Jolene on Instagram @chris_moola and TikTok @chrismoola.

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