Stray Dog Runs Onto Field During Soccer Game, Outrunning Players And Referees

Dogs love to play! Give them a big green field and a ball to chase, and they’ll never ask for anything more.

It’s no surprise, then, that a stray pup interrupted a soccer match in Bosnia recently, dodging through players’ legs and having a blast chasing and mouthing the ball.

The match, between the Slodoba and Posusje teams, was held in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s city of Tuzla and ended in a 1-1 tie. But the main draw, at least for the dog lovers in attendance, was the antics of one black-and-brown stray that interrupted the game shortly after it started.

Photo: flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

Charging onto the field with enviable confidence, the pup got hold of the ball and immediately began nudging it across the field.

When a player reached out to stop him, the pup even “nutmegged” him, pulling off the classic soccer move of kicking the ball between your opponent’s legs and regaining control on the other side. He repeated the trick again with another player before being unceremoniously hauled out by a referee.

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While his moves put some of the players to shame, their faces showed that they found the whole thing less than amusing.


This isn’t the first time a stray has wanted in on the fun of soccer — a Christmas match in Bolivia last year was interrupted by Cachito, a stray shepherd dog that ended up being adopted by Raúl Castro, the player who carried him off the field.

Who knows if the fun-loving stray from Bosnia will be as lucky?


Fortunately, aside from the slight interruption and unexpected comedy of the chase, his little stunt didn’t have any lasting harm.

Watch the full video of his antics on the field below, via the Daily Mail:

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