Couple Meets Stray Cat While Traveling And Realizes It Was A Huge Mistake To Leave Her Behind

Cats are very independent and love to spend most of the day doing as they please. However, most still want to snuggle up on the lap of the ones they love at the end of the day.

A stray cat in Croatia wandered over to an open van and found the couple that would be her forever family – although it did not start out that clear.

Margaret and Ladi were living out of their van and always left their doors open. Little did they know that a curious cat would wander up and invite herself in. “We were immediately kind of captivated by her,” Margaret told The Dodo.

Photos: Instagram/curlyhaircamping

While most stray cats are leery of strangers, this cat was friendly and wanted attention. She would follow the couple on their hikes and never wandered too far from them.

The couple quickly bonded with the sweet feline and named her Millie Kua. Margaret posted, “It feels like she chose us! She immediately started getting comfortable in our van, exploring every drawer and surface. She’s got a huge personality but is very calm. I’d been considering a cat but it didn’t seem like much of a priority to seek out a pet while traveling… but now…”

Photos: Instagram/curlyhaircamping

After days of adventures and snuggling in the camper van, the couple was preparing to leave the area. They thought about what would be best for Millie and thought that leaving her in the area that she was familiar with was best.

Photos: Instagram/curlyhaircamping

Five hours into the next leg of their journey they realized they made a huge mistake. They immediately turned around and went back to find their sweet girl. “We are coming for you little one. We should never have left you,” said Margaret.

Millie was waiting for them when they returned and immediately came to them. They scooped her up and put her in the van and continued on their journey.

Photos: Instagram/curlyhaircamping

“She’s adjusted to our mode of travel so easily. What’s so special about traveling with Millie is that she’s changed very little about how we travel and how we live. That just shows how perfectly she fits into our puzzle.”

Photos: Instagram/curlyhaircamping

Millie will never be left behind again. No matter what adventure the couple goes on, Millie will be right by their side. Check out their Instagram page for more photos of Millie exploring with her new family.

“There’s always a way to bring the ones you love with you.”

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