Stray Cat Gives Birth To Two Premature Kittens Inside Trap

Humane cat traps are used to safely capture stray cats to give them the care they need before releasing them back outdoors or finding them loving homes.

A pregnant cat walked into one of these traps and ended up giving birth to two premature kittens.

Animal control officers found the mama cat and her kittens and rushed them to Cara’s House, an open intake shelter in Louisiana.

Photo: Cara’s House

Mama Gamora, as she was named by the shelter, was afraid and protective of her kittens. The shelter found a loving foster home to take Gamora and her tiny babies so they could bond in a calm and quiet environment. The kittens are thriving and have been named Rocket and Nebula.

Kitten season has begun and shelters across the country are seeing an influx of pregnant cats and kittens. They do their best to find a home for each pet but need help.

Many shelters in southern states are overcrowded and are struggling to find adopters for the homeless pets in their care.

Cat and kittens continue to arrive daily and could be at risk of euthanasia. That is where we swoop in to help.

Every month, GreaterGood funds a Flight to Freedom – thanks to your donations – with our partners Greater Good Charities. Dogs and cats are taken from overcrowded shelters and flown to shelters with open kennels.

This month’s flight taking off on May 15th from Louisiana will save mama dogs and cats and their babies and give them the second chance they deserve in Wisconsin.

Photo: Cara’s House

Gamora and her 8-week-old kittens will be three of the lucky passengers on this flight.

Will you help fly them and dozens more to FREEDOM?

Just $5 helps cover the fuel costs of flying a pet 125 miles towards safety. Together we can save lives. Donate now!

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