People Brought To Tears By TikTok Video Of Stray Cat Finally Finding His Forever Home

Life has been hard for a 5-year-old stray cat, but his luck has finally changed.

He spent two rough years living on the street and avoiding every human he encountered. That was until he met the woman who would end up being his person.

The Australian woman found the white feline, who she named Albert, on March 3rd in bad shape and barely hanging on.


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Aside from the cuts and wounds on his body, he was covered in fleas with a swollen head and extremely dehydrated. He was brought to a shelter and scanned for a microchip, which he didn’t have.

Albert tested positive for FIV and was placed on a stray hold, but he almost didn’t survive.

“I received a phone call and was told that there was a good chance that Albert wouldn’t make it through the night,” recalled his mom in his rescue video.

But he pulled through and spent the next three months recovering.

On May 20th, he finally found what he has always been searching for – a loving home.

He was adopted by the woman who rescued him, and she posted a video on TikTok of his sweet reaction to being home.

The video has gone viral with over 6 million views.


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The sweet boy is seen nestling into his mom as she embraces him. He is loved beyond measure.

The endearing moment has touched the hearts of people all around the world. One person wrote, “I’m sobbing. The gratitude, the relief, the love this precious being feels. Thank you for giving them their forever home.”

Another said, “Anyone who adopts elderly animals gets to cut the line in heaven. YOU ARE A SAINT.”

Albert’s mom recently posted a video showing his transformation six months after he was adopted. The loving boy enjoys snuggling with his mom and never leaves her side.

She captioned the post by saying, “Happy 6 month adoption day ✨ I love you to the moon and back ❤️.”


Happy 6 month adoption day ✨ I love you to the moon and back ❤️

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