An Entire Community Bands Together To Do Something Truly Amazing!

Imagine seeing an entire community band together to save an animal. It’s an amazing sight to see! Something like this actually happened in a village in Sri Lanka when a baby elephant fell into a storm drain and got stuck. Lifting a baby elephant isn’t like lifting a tiny kitten though — they weigh about 200 pounds!

But with faith and diligence, this amazing team of rescuers were able to save her life.

In this area, elephant herds roam freely. This calf must not have seen the storm drain and fell in. The locals worked tirelessly with blow torches and sledgehammers to free the calf. Then, they used ropes to hoist her up to safety.

Just seeing her being set free may very well bring tears to your eyes.

Here’s an extraordinary elephant fun fact that will BLOW YOUR MIND: Elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet. The largest elephant on record lived in Africa and weighed approximately 24,000 pounds! He was 13 feet tall.

Check out the video below the see the glorious rescue.

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