Extreme Weather Destroyed Their Homes, But Nothing Could Keep These Animals From Returning

Storms and severe weather can be devastating for people and the animals that call them friends. It’s hard to plan for disasters, especially when they destroy homes, possessions, or lives.

We can’t help but be moved by these stories of survival and hope in the face of overwhelming odds. These five stories prove that even the destructive forces of Mother Nature can’t keep people and their pets apart.

Oklahoma Tornadoes – 2013

A furious, devastating tornado won’t keep one courageous pooch from being by her human. Even though their house was decimated, Babsy and her owner have each other to help put the pieces back together.

Have a look at the touching reunion in the video.

Nebraska Tornadoes – 2014

Multiple tornadoes devastated families and tore apart homes in Nebraska in mid June 2014. Lives were lost and years’ worth of belongings gone forever. But Lori Webster, a local survivor, was lucky to get one of those precious possessions back: the beloved family cat.

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