Two Stolen Labradors Stolen On Camera Found And Reunited With Family

It is unfathomable that someone would want to steal someone else’s pet, but unfortunately, it happens.

For one family, they were left devastated when their two labradors were stolen from them right in broad daylight!

However, the Robson family didn’t have to be sad for long, as their two missing dogs were eventually found by the Nantwich Police, who later reunited the two with their worried family. The family was incredibly thankful to have Denzel and Welly back home where they belong.

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Owner Charlotte Robson took to Instagram to share her gratitude and excitement at having her dogs home at last.

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In her post, she wrote, “This feeling is like no other and we will be doing everything in our power to make sure dogs are safe going forward. Thank you to each and every one of you who has shared, messaged, been out there, offered help and anything and everything inbetween!!! We are driving our boys home as I type this and oh how we can’t wait to see our girls’ faces.”

Photo: Instagram/therobsons

Following the return of the dogs, the police force took to social media to update the public about the situation. They shared that a man, Malachy Doherty, a woman, Mary Docherty, and a 14-year-old boy were all arrested in connection to the theft.

The police stated that the two labs were stolen from outside a Marks & Spencer store in Nantwich. They were later found at a home in Stoke-on-Trent, where the house’s occupants were all taken into custody and later charged on the theft.

Photo: Facebook/Nantwich Police

After news broke of Denzel and Welly being reunited with their family, many people began to post on the police department’s Facebook page. Many expressed their happiness that the Robson’s finally had their good boys back.

One person even wrote, “Absolutely brilliant news. It’s so lovely to hear of a nice outcome. The people who did this need a good spell in prison which then hopefully might be a deterrent to other dog nappers.”

Dale Robson also commented on the post, thanking the police for their efforts in getting his dogs back. He said, “We cannot thank Cheshire Police enough. You have done such an incredible job and have supported and informed us throughout. You are amazing! Thank you”

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