Stolen Horse Found In South Carolina Man’s Bedroom

A South Carolina man was arrested in his parents’ home after police tracked a stolen horse to his location.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls that the man, 31-year-old Garry Chase Coble, Jr., was spotted riding a horse down the street before taking the animal inside his parents’ Mountain Rest home.

Deputies called Coble’s father, Garry Coble Sr., and entered the home when he arrived. He told the police that his son was not supposed to be in the home. Their suspicions that a horse was in the home were immediately confirmed when Coble opened the door — there were droppings in the living room. They made their way to a bedroom, where Coble could be heard talking indistinctly.


They opened the door to the bedroom, where Coble had retreated to avoid being taken into custody. “It was at this time that I observed a full-size quarter horse standing in the middle of the bedroom,” a deputy wrote in his report, as shared by News19.

The horse’s owner arrived on the scene not long after and confirmed that it was his. A small laceration was noted on the horse’s leg, likely caused when it was stolen.


Coble was charged with stealing livestock, possession of burglary tools, malicious injury to personal property, petit larceny, second-degree burglary, and entering premises after a warning.

No motive for the crime has been made public, but it’s not exactly a leap of logic to say that the whole affair was probably not planned out very carefully or deliberately by Coble, who was booked by the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department and currently awaits trial.

Photo: Pixabay/sofiiiiixxx🌝💗 sofiii

Fortunately, with the horse returned to its owner and Coble in custody, the unusual case appears to be closed.

Not that anyone needed it, but this case serves as a reminder that stealing a horse in the middle of the night and attempting to hide it from police in your parents’ house is never a good idea!

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