Rescued Dog Reunited With Owner 13 Years After He Was Stolen

Thirteen years ago, Connor, a rescued Yorkie from Tennessee, had the perfect family. His loving dog mom, Karen Fox, was also a veterinarian. Karen’s husband, Timothy, spent every evening lovingly brushing Connor’s fur. But the dog’s idyllic life was shattered when somebody driving a red pickup truck snatched the 3-year-old dog right out of his front yard.

Karen and her teenage son (who’d seen the dognapping occur) took off in pursuit of the driver, but the red truck slipped away with their beloved dog inside. The family desperately searched for Connor and the red truck for weeks, but both appeared to have vanished into thin air. As the years passed, the family gradually lost hope that they’d ever see their sweet dog again.

But one day 13 years later, Karen got a very surprising call. After being missing for well over a decade, Connor had been found by a kind woman who noticed the now-senior Yorkie wandering the streets and brought him in to be scanned, which allowed Metro Nashville Animal Control to find the dog’s original owner.

“It was pure, utter amazement!” Karen Fox told The Tennessean. “I’m still amazed!”

Now Connor is a 16-year-old dog with bad eyes, teeth, and pains in one leg. But even after 13 years away, Connor still remembered his owner. “Connor was brought out to Dr. Fox and he immediately licked her face and settled into her lap,” Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control recalled on Facebook. “We have some catching up to do,” Karen told the shelter workers who witnessed this heartwarming reunion.

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Karen’s only regret is that her late husband didn’t get to see Connor returned to the family. “The most emotional thing for me,” Karen said, “is how much my husband would’ve loved for him to have come back home.”

Of course, this reunion wouldn’t have been possible if Karen hadn’t microchipped her dog and/or if the woman who found Conner didn’t take him to be scanned. Always microchip your pet, keep the contact information up to date, and ALWAYS check to see if stray dogs and cats are already chipped before you give them a home. As Connor’s heartwarming story demonstrates, that sweet stray you rescued might already have a forever family.

Congratulations, Conner! We’re so glad you finally made your way home.

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