Stolen Dachshund Found After Going Missing Three Months Ago

After being missing for over three months, a stolen dachshund was finally found and reunited with its owners.

On February 10th, 2021, eight pedigree miniature wire-haired dachshunds were tragically stolen from their home in Acresford, near Swadlincote.

Their owner and the Derbyshire police have been searching tirelessly for the stolen dogs and the third one was finally found. Lisa Dean shared the news on her Facebook group dedicated to the missing dogs, Swadlincote 8 stolen dachshunds, saying, “So heres the news….RIKKI IS HOME!!!”

Photo: Facebook/Lisa Dean
Photo: Facebook/Lisa Dean

She explained that Rikki was found in a field near Basingstoke, Hampshire, around 133 miles from home. Sadly, the poor pup was “barely recognisable.”

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She said, ” He has gone grey and lost most of his beautiful ginger. He has lost weight, has sore sticky eyes, awful rub burns to his nose, is filthy and covered in fleas, has overgrown claws, and very very sore frostbitten ears.”

Photo: Facebook/Lisa Dean

Percy and Muffin were the previous dogs that were found and returned, but there are still five more missing dogs. Lisa Dean is determined to see them all home safely and won’t give up on finding them.

Photo: Facebook/Lisa Dean

The microchipped dogs, aged between one and six years of age, were all stolen from Cath and Chris Lee who run the Seale Pastures kennels and cattery.

Those with information on the whereabouts of the remaining five dogs can contact the Derbyshire police at 101, referencing number 20*084142.

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