What This High School Cross Country Team Did For Shelter Dogs Will Make Your Whole Body Smile!

St. Joseph High School, located in Santa Maria, California, did something pretty amazing for local shelter dogs. The cross country team decided to take adoptable dogs for a run and it was all captured on video. Lucky us! I love that we get to see something this incredible play out, first hand.

The video gets cuter by the second. The dogs are SO HAPPY to be interacting with these kids and getting some much needed exercise. But just wait ’til the very end. I totally melted!

Do you want to get involved and do some good in the world, too? Especially for animals?

The best thing you can do for your community is to ask around about potential volunteer work. You and your family can even get creative, like this high school team did. Many shelters and rescue organizations are vying for any help, donations of time and resources. It doesn’t cost much and it will do your heart good!

Help Rescue Animals

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