‘Stinky, Ill-Mannered Goat’ Changes His Tune After He Gets Adopted

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A family of 14 (10 children), the Pahukoa family is all about the animals. They have dogs, cats, pigs, goats and even some turtles! All of the children have responsibilities. They are “given” animals to be responsible for. Their job, no matter their age, is to take complete responsibility for the care of their animals.


When the Pahukoas learned The Maui Humane Society had a stinky, ill-mannered goat, they called and said they wanted him. They said they knew how to handle the misfits and those were their favorite kind.

The family came down, adopted Billy, and took him home. The family decided the goat would be Isaiah and La’akea’s responsibility. They placed tennis balls on the goat’s horns, to keep him from hurting anyone, and the boys took over his care.

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Within days the goat’s personality changed. He adores those boys and dotes on them and follows them around. Billy knows that they are his family and will even try to steal a kiss or two when given the chance, as seen in the attached picture.


Story submitted by Jenny Miller.

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