Steve Irwin’s Family Follows His Lifelong Dream Of Opening An Elephant Hospital

Steve Irwin, who is best known as the Crocodile Hunter had a dream that many people weren’t aware of. He wanted to go to Indonesia and open an elephant hospital. His dream had never come to fruition because he died in 2006 but his family continued to keep it in mind. His wife, Terri Irwin has revealed that the zoo owned by the family has completed work on an elephant hospital in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Terri said, “We just – just – finished one of his greatest goals which was to open an elephant hospital in Indonesia. In Sumatra, when elephants step on a landmine or they get caught in a snare there was no hospital to treat them, and we now have just opened an elephant hospital, so it’s pretty special. These are the things we talk about and it’s so important to continue his mission.”

The news was also confirmed by the Australia Zoo in Queensland that a hospital was constructed to help with the critically endangered Sumatran elephant.

In 2012, Sumatran elephants were escalated from endangered to critically endangered. It is thought that there are only 2,400-2,800 Sumatran elephants left in the wild. According to the WWF website, the Sumatran elephant population has dropped significantly over the last 25 years. It is thought that deforestation, illegal poaching and retaliation are primarily to blame.

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Steve Irwin was killed when a barbed tail of a stingray pierced his heart over a decade ago. Since that time, his wife and two children, Robert and Bindi have continued to move forward with his conservation efforts worldwide.

The Irwin family also has its own TV series on Animal Planet, Crikey! His daughter, Bindi Irwin announced her engagement to American professional wakeboarder, Chandler Powell in July 2019. They plan on being married in the Australian Zoo in Queensland.

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