This Man Is Addicted To Adopting Animals In Need–And Treating Them Like Family!

So many animals are in need of forever homes but there are ones that are always harder to place. Luckily for this group of senior dogs, chickens, a bunny and a pig, their hero stepped in and they are now safe and sound, and LOVED!

Steve Grieg has a heart of gold and I wish it were contagious! His group of adorable misfits do EVERYTHING together.

Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing them all together? OH EM GEE! I would pass out from cuteness overload!

He walks the dogs and pulls a wagon to include his other kids. Isn’t that the sweetest? All the animals eat together, sleep together and hang out together. They are a real family!

Some people truly are angels that walk among us. With 587,000 followers on Instagram, I guess we all dig this kind of thing. Check ’em out on IG, @wolfgang2242.

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