Yellow Lab Loves Destroying Snowmen With Her Baby Sister

As winter storms continue to batter the U.S., we all have a few reasons to dislike the cold and everything that comes with it. And, as it turns out, we’re in good company! Stella, the yellow lab, shares our feelings about snow — but only when it’s in the shape of snowmen. On her Instagram page, which has gathered over 400K followers, Stella shows off her talent by toppling a wide variety of snowy figures.

Her family knows all about her hobby and has fully embraced it, setting up showdown after showdown with her easily-crushed nemeses. Stella seems to actually enjoy the thrill of the cold air and the crunch of snow beneath her feet. But what she really loves is absolutely demolishing any and all snowmen in her path, scattering them to the wind and eating their carrot noses! Stella’s signature move has to be the way she starts every attack: “off with their head!” Her preferred methods are a solid, two-legged shove, or a face-first dive.

Her hate for snowmen has been hard to explain, but easy to enjoy; her parents described their approach on Instagram, saying, “I know the dreaded day will come when we have to tell the children that not all snowmen are created solely for dogs to destroy, but for now, I shall try to live in the snowment.” Whatever the reason, it seems to make her truly happy. She waits by the front door at the first sight of snow, eager to destroy whatever her family has cooked up for her.

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After standing over her victim with a look of triumph, Stella loves to flop into the snow and soak up the moment! Stella also entertains her many fans with dives into mudbaths, piles of leaves, and more! Her new baby sister Mabel is also getting in on the fun. Shortly after she joined the family, their new friendship was described in an Instagram caption: “Surprisingly there’s been no jealousy, and Stella is doing really well setting boundaries with that whole ‘disregard for personal space’ thing puppies have going on. Will there be some confusion as Stella tries to wrap her extremely solid head around the questionable ways of a tiny puppy? Of course. Is Stella happier than ever? Also yes.”

Until we’re all lucky enough to be complaining about the heat, watching Stella’s videos may be the most effective way to cope with the cold. Keep up with her at her Instagram page or on Facebook!

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