Starved Dog Was So Skinny, They Could Feel Her Kidneys. But Now She Will Always Be Full Of Love!

This poor dog was starved so bad to the point where you could feel her kidneys. She was so emaciated, that her ribs, spine and all of her bones were noticeable. She had been neglected and left outside in her old life, without food or love.

When rescuers came for her, they rushed her to their clinic. The first thing they did was feed her. She scarfed it down with no problem. She ate and ate like she’s never eaten before. Probably because it’s been months since she’s had a real meal.

Within two months, this starving pup was starving no longer. She doubled her weight and was looking amazing! She was so happy to leave her past behind, and now she has been adopted into a loving home and will never have to worry about being starved or neglected ever again. She will always be full of love, and food! Watch her transformation in the video below:

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