Neglected Dog Slated For Euthanasia Is Hardly Recognizable After Rescuers Step In To Help

A dog scheduled to be euthanized is hardly recognizable thanks to rescuers with Sidewalk Specials in South Africa.

The rescue group shared on YouTube that Ginger’s owner took her to a veterinarian and asked the vet to euthanize her. Apparently, Ginger wasn’t a very good guard dog, and her owner didn’t want her. Rather than re-home her, they wanted Ginger put down instead.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

It’s hard to imagine anyone making that choice, but Ginger’s story didn’t end there. Thankfully, the veterinarian decided not to euthanize the sweet pooch. Instead, they called Sidewalk Specials for help.

Sidewalk Specials took Ginger and brought her to Cape Town where she could start recovering from neglect. She was half-starved and needed food along with plenty of love.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Now, she’s hardly recognizable!

Ginger put on so much weight, you can no longer see her ribs sticking out. And to make things even better, she was placed for adoption and found a lovely home with a fellow dog to enjoy.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Ginger and her new doggy sibling love getting pets and going for walks. Ginger couldn’t be more excited and happy in her forever home. She gets to run in the park, snuggle with her new owner and play for hours! She’s truly living her best life, and we’re so happy for her.

Check out the video below:

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