Dog Left To Die In Freezing Temperatures Gets A New Home

Winter for dogs on the streets can be brutal. With freezing temperatures and little food, many don’t survive the winter. But things become even more complicated for stray dogs when humans intentionally go out of their way to harm them.

No one is quite sure where Rosabella came from, but they know one thing: She came from an abusive home. Whoever she was with decided to dump her on the streets in the dead of winter, but they didn’t even give her a fighting chance to survive.

Instead of taking her to a shelter or finding her a new home, Rosabella’s owners drove her to a lonely ally in St. Paul, Minnesota, and left her outside, locked in a small crate without access to food or water.

Unable to leave the crate, Rosabella would’ve starved to death or frozen, but help arrived in the form of Ruff Start Rescue.

According to a Facebook post from the organization, rescuers said finding Rosabella was “nothing short of a miracle” as they just happened to be driving through the alley and spotted her.

The poor dog was curled up tightly in her crate, frozen and hungry but clinging to life. Rescuers were able to get her safely into a foster home with Breanna Jensen. In an interview with Fox 9, Jensen said that the dog likely wouldn’t have survived 24 hours, maybe 48 hours, in the conditions she was in outside. She would’ve frozen to death.

Photo: flickr/U.S. Department of Agriculture

Thankfully, that didn’t happen and she instead found herself safe and comfortable with Jensen and her family. During a medical exam, many signs of abuse were uncovered on the poor dog.

She was suffering from sores and splayed feet, signs of growing up in a cage. Additionally, she was skin and bones. She only weighed 19 pounds when she should’ve weighed 45+ pounds!

Rosabella is still recovering, but the rescue posted an update saying she’s doing well with Jensen and is starting to come out of her shell!

They even said she’s “feeling spunky enough to start playing.” While nothing can take away what Rosabella suffered in her life, time will help heal her wounds. We’re so excited for her future!

Watch the video below:

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