Wildlife Photographer Geert Weggen Captures Squirrels Playing With Halloween Pumpkins

There is an award-winning photographer who’s managed to capture adorable photos of squirrels playing with pumpkins just before Halloween.

The images caught by wildlife photographer Geert Weggen are showing playful red squirrels poking their heads inside carved pumpkins. In one of the images, two squirrels can be seen climbing onto a pumpkin, while in another picture, it appears as though they’re taking turns sticking their heads inside for a peek.

Weggen is well-known for his squirrel pictures, having had several books published with his photos of the cute animals being the focus.

“Almost every picture I take is telling a story,” Weggen said. “So like with Halloween, I can imagine them as dancing skeletons.”

Photo: Instagram / Fox NewsM

He went on to explain that sometimes the squirrels can prove to be a little difficult to get in pictures.

“They bite me sometimes,” Weggen admitted before clarifying that the squirrels have never done him harm.

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“They recognize that when they bite me I’m not a nut. They’re very smart in that way.”

Photo: Instagram / Fox News

Weggen lives in central Sweden. He has won various awards for his photography of wildlife.

When it comes to capturing his images of squirrels, he explained how it often requires a lot of patience.

Photo: Instagram / Fox News

“I cannot tame a wild squirrel. They do exactly what they want,” Weggen said. “I can wait a very long time for my shot.”

Of course, on occasion, it does help to entice the squirrels using food.

Photo: Instagram / Fox News

Weggen added, “I know they’re always searching for food, so I might hang a little bucket with seeds in the air. If I want them to pick up a pencil, I spread a little peanut butter on it.”

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