Why Pumpkins Are Being Devoured By Squirrels This Year

Putting a pumpkin on the porch has been a tradition for people who celebrate Halloween for many years. In fact, the use of pumpkins in this manner stretches back for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Throughout that time, one of the big problems that many of us have faced is having our pumpkin destroyed by vandals.

Things are different in 2020, but not as far as the destruction of pumpkins is concerned. Reports are coming in from around the country that pumpkins are being vandalized, but it isn’t human vandals that are doing so. Those reports say that squirrels are to blame.

Why are things different this year? One of the possible reasons is that squirrels must forage for food more than usual because of a lack of acorns. There is another theory that fewer people in parks and eating out at restaurants leaves fewer choices when it comes to squirrels picking up scraps.

There has been a drought in Pennsylvania and New York, and it could also be adding to the problem. With a lack of water comes a lack of vegetation, squirrels may just be looking for opportunities to grab some easy food.

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This leads us to the question if it is possible to protect our pumpkins from the rodent attack that seems to be inevitable in many areas. Several solutions have come to light, such as spraying the pumpkins with hot sauce or soap. Others have suggested using a sticky solution on the outside of the pumpkin.

Quite honestly, if a squirrel gets hungry enough, they are going to see the pumpkin as an easy target and will often bypass any method you use to save it. Even using other snacks to distract the squirrel is only going to work temporarily. There is one option, however, that works 100% of the time. Bring the pumpkin inside of your home and display it in a window.

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