Thirsty Squirrel Begs Man For Some Of His Water

Squirrels are rather interesting creatures. They share the world around us, and often, in close proximity. That being said, if we get too close to them, they usually scurry off and climb the nearest tree.

More than likely, we have also come across squirrels that were somewhat tame because they get used to people feeding them. That was obviously the case with the squirrel that was captured on video by Reddit user thewrongun. After sharing the video of the squirrel begging for water, it went viral for all the right reasons.

If you have a dog, you’re probably accustomed to having them beg for treats or sitting at your feet while you are eating, just hoping you drop something on the floor. This squirrel has been taking a page out of the book from the family dog, and he goes begging for water in the most adorable way possible.

You might balk at first, wondering how a squirrel could ever go begging for water, but the video is quite clear. The man lowers the water bottle and the squirrel grabs it and begins guzzling water until the bottle is empty. If you still have any doubts that a squirrel would beg for water, you are about to become a believer.

Squirrel Asking For Water! from Eyebleach

I’m sure you would agree that this is some phenomenal footage. So far, the video has millions of views, and other social media platforms have jumped on board as well.

One of the comments on Reddit reads: “Aww, poor thirsty baby! I remember reading that animals living in cities tend to have higher intelligence than their wild counterparts. Really interesting, but it makes sense. This squirrel has literally learned a way to communicate with humans to get what it wants. Pretty, pretty cute.”

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People on Twitter have some fellow feeling for the critter as well.

I may just be adding water to my list of things to buy the critters in my neighborhood this summer.

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