Proof That Dogs Make The Best Playmates… BY FAR!

I have always believed that dogs and kids go together pawfectly. If you don’t believe me, then watch this! Playing in a sprinkler is a lot of fun but when you add your best friend to the mix, it’s a bigger blast. TRUST ME!

What’s so funny about this video is the narrator in the background goes on to say that this video is destined for greatness. And she is right! I plan on watching this every single time I miss summer. So basically any day below 50 degrees LOL! Do you have a pup in your life that plays like this?

Like a good giggle? ME TOO! That’s why this story is bookmarked on my computer! Imagine if your Roomba vacuum met your dog’s “accident” in the middle of the night? It would be tragic and hilarious at the same time. Maybe a bit more tragic! Check it out! I almost fell off my chair from laughter!

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