Sportscaster Narrates His Dog ‘Hunting’ Her Sister In Viral Video

Sportscasters have quite a talent for narration. Watching a game is entertaining enough on its own, but it’s the sportscasters who really up the hype with their energetic commentary on the game at hand.

Judging from one adorable video, it seems like once a sportscaster, always a sportscaster.

Andrew Cotter is a Scottish sportscaster, and when he’s not commentating for his job, he’s providing very hilarious commentary on the adventures of his two dogs, Olive and Mabel.

Photo: YouTube/mrandrewcotter

He does it in “nature documentary narration,” which is just sheer perfection. The style really lends itself to how Mabel likes to stalk her sibling while the two of them are on a dirt path.

Of course, Mabel might have put her best efforts forward but, ultimately, she was unsuccessful in ambushing Olive.

Photo: YouTube/mrandrewcotter

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Photo: YouTube/mrandrewcotter

It seems like Olive didn’t really mind either way. Cotter states in the video, “Low to the ground and choosing her moment, the hunter moves in on her prey who just doesn’t care. The attack, when it comes, has to be quick and also really has to be better than this. Her last chance is to confuse the prey with a couple of spins, a shake, and a bit of pointless leaping, but in the end nothing.”

Watch the funny video below:

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