Instead Of Just Housing Animals In Need, This Shelter Helps Them Find A Job!

Tucked away in Spokane, WA, there is a shelter for cats that sets itself apart from the pack with its novel, and incredibly successful, approach to caring for cats in need of help. Instead of a life of cages, occasional adoption events, and possible euthanasia, these cats are brought into SpokAnimal shelter as feral or stray, and end up leaving gainfully employed!


SpokAnimal acts as a sort of vocational program for cats by adopting them out to neighboring farms to act as “Rodent Managers.” Many of the cats that come through SpokAnimal come from feral colonies, or as cats that are considered “unadoptable” for a variety of reasons. Cats are brought in, spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and given a clean bill of health, and are then sent to farms that are in need of rodent control. All of the farms involved so far are huge proponents of this successful strategy, with some “unadoptable” pets end up adopting their new family and moved inside!


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Since June, 2009, SpokAnimal has placed over 1700 cats! The program keeps spreading thanks to generous farm owners that take in a large number of cats to help rehabilitate them, and then help introduce the animals to other farmers in the area, and across the state. This ingenious program is helping prevent unnecessary euthanasia, and will hopefully inspire a new way of handling the feral cat population.

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For those interested in replicating this program, you can contact Development Director Dori Peck, and she can help you get started.

Dori Peck

Development Director

SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.

(509) 534-8133 x 209

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