One Was Shot, The Other Was Kicked. They May Be Paralyzed, But They Get Through Life Together

Two dogs named Spok and Nicky did not have a good start to life. Nicky was born to a stray mom and was shot when she was only a few weeks old, leaving her paralyzed. The bullet stuck in her spine and was unable to be removed.

Spok’s story isn’t any better. He was most likely kicked and left with a broken spine, dragging his body in the island of Lesvos in Greece.

Thankfully, they were rescued and both live together with a great foster mom named Linda. She takes the absolute best care of them and loves them unconditionally.

Both pups have wheelchairs to help them get around, and they have acclimated to their new lifestyle very quickly.

If you’re interested in giving these cuties a home, preferably together, contact Greek Animal Rescue at

Watch Spok and Nicky after being rescued in the video below:

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