Jackson Galaxy Tells Off Family For Allowing Their Cat To Sleep Outside In The Snow (YAY JACKSON!!!)

It’s a cold winter day. It’s snowing, the wind is blowing, and temperatures are dropping. You can feel the cold air pushing against the windows and doors of your home, even though inside it is warm and toasty.

Now imagine sending your child outside with little more than a coat, and leaving them there to fend for themselves for hours on end.

Sound cruel? That’s because it is – for humans and house pets.

Screen Shot: YouTube/AnimalPlanet
Screen Shot: YouTube/AnimalPlanet

Your pet isn’t just a pet, he’s a family member. He doesn’t deserve to be left out in the cold. I had to share this because some people just don’t understand that our animals are like children. They don’t always know what is best for them. But we do! We have to take the reigns and do the right thing, like keeping them inside when it’s so cold out! YAY Jackson!

Watch him go off of the owners in the video below.

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