Woman Avoids Disaster When A Spider Crawls On Her Steering Wheel

Our cars are an extension of our lives, but they also provide a nice place for some creepy crawlies to hang out. It isn’t unusual to see a spider come out of nowhere, and it can be a real distraction when we are on the road.

That is exactly what happened to a woman when a spider crawled on her dashboard and jumped onto her steering wheel. Most people would’ve freaked out at the sight of a spider, and she wasn’t very happy about it. She reacted by screaming, but she was able to keep things together and avoid wrecking her car.

It took place when Liang-zi Carr was driving to work on the Gold Coast when she saw the spider on the dashboard. Aaron Butler, her colleague, was in the car and he decided to take a video with his cell phone. Amazingly, the Huntsman spider jumped onto the steering wheel and began crawling around, following her hand.

Photo: Youtube / Storyful

“Oh God, it’s coming towards me!” Carr can be heard saying in the video.

“Just pull over! Just pull over! Just pull over!” Aaron said in response.

Thankfully, the spider was smart enough to head over to the other side of the car and the driver pulled over to regain her composure.

In the end, they were able to get the spider out of the car without harming it. They also were unharmed, and this certainly could have gone in an entirely different direction.

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