How Can A Dog Expect To Be Adopted If He’s Constantly on Edge?

Special Pals shelter in Houston, TX isn’t your typical shelter. The small, private shelter started out saving animals in the Houston area, but demand quickly outstripped their capacity. In 2015 they adopted out 120 cats and 388 dogs, and 2016 is going to have even greater numbers. On top of their incredible adoption rates, they offer low cost services to the community, and provide free education for new pet parents. Special Pals is a vital leader in the community, and they help provide a better for life for the animals in their care and the families that visit them. But there’s a problem.

Special Pals is running out of space, and that means countless animals may be missing out on a chance at a home.

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Rescue Rebuild hopes to step in to help Special Pals continue to meet their adoption goals and provide an environment that is better for the mental health of the animals waiting on new homes. Right now, many of the dogs are kept in kennels, and the metal walls around them cause their barking to resonate and echo to an almost painful level. This leads to high levels of stress, which can have a negative impact on how potential adopters see them, and there is little reprieve. But Special Pals has an amazing plan for a dog retreat, with the goal of getting them outside and playing. It will even include a secluded meet-and-greet area for potential adopters!

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The cats at Special Pals are also in need of a new space. Currently they reside in the lobby, where their cages line the walls. Because people and animals are coming and going in this space, the cats don’t get much time outside of their cages. This also prevents more socialization, a vital need for shelter animals. The cats will get a Catty Shack and Catio combo, giving them a great deal more freedom, and the ability to lounge and play with the other cats in the shelter.

It’s already amazing how many animals Special Pals is able to send to new homes, but with your help, that number can skyrocket! Animals with room to play and socialize are far more likely to be adopted, and with this expansion, every animal that comes to Special Pals will have a safe, comfortable, and fun place to live while they wait for a forever home.

A generous anonymous donor has agreed to match all funds, dollar for dollar up to $40,000, to make this important project a reality. We need your help to raise an additional $40,000 by January 1st, 2017!

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