Special Needs Puppy And Rescue Piglet Are BFFs

There is nothing more adorable than odd animal friendships, like Winnie and Wilma’s.

They became best friends the moment they met.

A special needs puppy named Winston (better known as “Winnie The Roo” or “Winnie” for short) arrived at Charlotte’s Freedom Farm, a hobby farm that rescues farm animals and lets them live out their lives, at just six-weeks-old with what appeared to be just undeveloped front legs. He was surrendered by the people who bred him.


A trip to the vet revealed his sternum also hadn’t developed properly in the womb, which means he will need extensive thoracic reconstruction surgeries.

While the farm has other dogs that Winnie was eager to play with, Lauren Edwards, founder of Charlotte’s Freedom Farm, told The Dodo, “The main problem right now is I have to limit what he does because he is [at] high risk of something happening.”


The energetic puppy zooms around on his custom wheels but was longing for a friend he could play with.

And then Wilma arrived.

The piglet was found wandering on her own and is believed to have jumped off of a transport truck. She is described as “sweet but sassy” and is Winnie’s best friend.

The two are perfectly matched in size and since Wilma doesn’t play as rough as dogs, Edwards allows supervised playtimes.


Edwards said, “They see each other and instantly go into play mode — it’s quite cute.”

When Winnie and Wilma aren’t playing, they enjoy resting on the couch together or exploring the great outdoors.


Eventually, Wilma will outgrow Winnie (by a lot), but they will always remain friends.

It is impossible not to smile when you see the two BFFs interacting.


Winnie has his own Instagram and Facebook page, Winnie The Roo, where fans can keep up to date on his progress and adventures. As he grows, he will need more custom wheels, chest protectors and multiple surgeries. A GoFundMe was started to help cover these costs and has exceeded its goal.


Winnie, Wilma, and all the rescued animals on the farm are living their best lives. Winnie doesn’t realize that anything is wrong and always has a smile on his face. His family loves him dearly and said, “There is nothing we won’t do for him.”

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