Special Needs Kitten Named Tater Tot Who Inspired People Worldwide Passes Away Suddenly

A tiny kitten with twisted legs and a “grumpy” face won the hearts of people around the world in a matter of weeks. The disabled ginger kitten was rescued by Kitty CrusAIDe in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“This bean was born with some pretty obvious malformations, most noticeably his twisty back legs. His front legs appear to be stuck at a sharp angle, and he was also born with a cleft palate. We are currently tube feeding him, since his palate prevents him from latching onto the bottle, and we will be getting him into the vet next week to do some X-rays and make a plan,” wrote the rescue on Facebook.

He was named Tater Tot after a naming contest was held to help raise money for his accumulating medical expenses. Ash Houghton, his foster mom and co-director of the rescue, regularly updated fans of his progress. The little guy quickly went viral with people worldwide cheering for his recovery.

The splints or “bonkers” placed on his front legs were just removed and things seemed be improving, but he faced many health issues. “We have a long road ahead of us, but he is a fighter and we are going to do everything we can to help this special guy not only survive, but thrive!”

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Tater Tot inspired people with his zest for life and will to fight. Sadly, on August 2nd he passed away suddenly in his foster mom’s hands.

The sad news was shared on TikTok with Houghton stating, “Today, our tiny spud passed away suddenly in my hands. His energy level had been decreasing over the last week or so and today he decided it was time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge.”

The heartbroken mom went on to say, “This tiny little potato has had such a profound impact on my heart, and I am so unbelievably happy I got to share him with the entire world.”

During his short life, Tater Tot was able to bring people together, spread joy with his kitten antics, and inspire people to continue to fight even when the odds are against you.

Houghton hopes his memory will “live on in the stories of other creatures who are built just a little differently from others.”

Tater Tot was loved by many and will never be forgotten. Houghton asks fans to consider donating to their local shelters in honor of Tater Tot.

Fans are devastated by his passing and took to the comments to send their condolences. “He lived a life full of nothing but the most amazing love. In him, we see the redemption of humanity. Thank you, Tater Tot,” @the_hippie_viking wrote.

“Thank you so much for sharing him. He will never truly die. He lives on in our hearts,” stated @nelehjr.

Watch the emotional video and post from Houghton below. Please consider adopting or fostering special needs pets like Tater Tot. They will enhance your life in so many ways.

@kittycrusaide A message from Ash. We will miss this skunkly little potato. #tatertot #spudbud #bonkers #grompycat #TTbonkers #rescuekitten #specialneedskitten #specialneeds #specialneedscat #utahfosterpets #fosterpetsoftiktok #kittycrusaide #TT #KCtatertot #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tatertotcat #kitten #catsoftiktok #kittensoftiktok #cat #badonkabonk #badonkabonks ♬ original sound – Kitty CrusAIDe

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