Rescue Dog That Was Afraid Of Humans Finds Comfort In His Brother

Not every dog leads the perfect life, and for Hedgie, life had been difficult. For the majority of the time that he was a puppy, he was tied outside and did not have any real love from his human parents. He grew to be afraid of everything around him and even after he was adopted, he hid under the table.

But Mason, the boy in his new family, took Hedgie to bed at night and by the time the morning came around, it seemed as if everything was better. They bonded instantly and continued to be best friends and inseparable from that point forward.

When Hedgie started to have problems eating and walking, a veterinarian was called. They discovered that he was suffering from megaesophagus, but nobody was ready to have him put down. They put the dog in a special chair and started feeding him.

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The family knew that the dog had special needs but he was healthy and gave so much to the family. They were able to give him back some of the love that he gave to them.

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