SPCA Tampa Bay Takes In 48 Shelter Dogs and Cats Displaced By Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally wrecked havoc on the Gulf Coast when it made landfall last week, bringing damaging winds and massive flooding. One of the areas affected by the storm was Pensacola, Florida, which was caught off guard.

The storm was slow moving and days before it made landfall in Gulf Shores it weakened and then strengthened. Escambia county, including the city of Pensacola, was under a tropical storm watch but wasn’t expecting a direct hit.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said in a news conference, “I think many of us were beating ourselves up first thing this morning because the reports that we had gotten from the National Weather Service, etc., led us to believe that while we would certainly have some impacts from this storm it would not be a direct hit on Escambia County and it certainly wouldn’t have the devastating effects that we are experiencing right now.”


The area experienced more than 2 feet of rain and $29 million in damage. Thousands of homes and businesses are without power and fresh water, including animal shelters.

The SPCA Tampa Bay rescue team worked with Louisiana SPCA and animal welfare agencies in Pensacola to transport 28 cats/kittens and 20 dogs from a Pensacola shelter. Louisiana SPCA drove the shelter pets out of the flooded area and met with the rescue team in Tallahassee, Florida.

Photo: Facebook/SPCA Tampa Bay

“We’re just gonna get them in, get them settled, make sure they have food and water and a comfortable place to sleep, then tomorrow our staff will jump right in and start checking them all out, making sure everybody’s doing well,” said SPCA Tampa Bay CEO Martha Boden. “Thankfully they’re coming with medical records so whatever care they’ve already received from the shelter in the Panhandle, we will already have that information so we don’t have to duplicate anything.”

All the dogs and cats were examined and staff are working hard to get them all listed for adoption on their site. Check out some of the pets that are listed and waiting for their special someone. Sweet Fern is a Labrador mix puppy looking for a loving family that will take her to puppy classes and love her unconditionally.

Photos: SPCA Tampa Bay

Senior feline, Rainbow, would love a home of her own and promises to curl in your lap and entertain you daily.

Check out all the adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs here.

Remember to adopt don’t shop and save not one, but two lives.


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