Did You Know That February Is National Spay or Neuter Your Pets Month?

February is National Spay or Neuter Your Pets Month, and World Spay Day Is February 24th! One of the most important health decisions you will make when it comes to your pet is whether or not to spay or neuter them. Getting your pets fixed is a relatively simple and easy veterinary procedure that can have lifelong benefits for your pet’s health and happiness. Most people are familiar with the process of fixing an animal, but many do not realize the hidden health, social, and behavioral benefits that come with it as well. As it turns out, there are many reasons to spay and neuter your pet. Make sure to visit the last page to find out how you can help overcrowded shelters spay and neuter their cats and dogs!

On the fence about fixing?
Check out our list of the top 6 reasons to spay or neuter your pets!

6. Less Roaming

For both males and females, the desire to roam is high when the animal is in heat and unfixed. This poses a problem for their safety, as well as increasing their chances of getting pregnant. Getting your pet spayed or neutered will reduce their need to roam in search of a possible mate, and will also decrease the chances that your pet will become lost, attacked, or hit by a car while roaming.


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5. No Heat Cycle

Pets that are not fixed will go into heat, usually twice a year. In fact, most females have their first heat cycle around 6 months of age. Females in heat often try to escape their home in search of a mate. Females that are not fixed and in heat will need to be kept inside or watched closely outside during the duration of their cycle (typically about three weeks long) in order to prevent escapes and unwanted pregnancies. Getting your female fixed and eliminating her heat cycle will reduce her anxiety, eliminate her desire to roam while in heat, and overall be a lot less of a hassle for you, as well as your pet.

Alli B. was born and raised in the Great Lakes State. She is a proud dog mom to an adorable mutt named Rue, a three-legged pup named Tripp, and a crazy cat mom to two feisty felines, Louie and Pikachu. She spends her days exploring all that Michigan has to offer with her husband and their fur-babies.
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