Rescue Kitten’s Fever Coat Changes Color From ‘Wolf’ Grey To Black Satin

Sosuke was brought to a local shelter as a tiny, silvery kitten.

His unusual coloring, known as a “fever coat,” was due to his mom having a fever or being stressed during her pregnancy.

Sosuke was abandoned by his cat mom and found alone, but any brothers and sisters likely had similar coloring at birth.

Stress or illness causes the color pigments to be deposited incorrectly in the cat’s fur while it’s in the womb, so the coat appears silvery grey, cream, or reddish.

Most kittens grow out of this coloring condition

By 6-8 months old, most kittens grow out of it and their coloring returns to what it was intended to be.

The cat resembled a miniature wolf

When he was 8 weeks and resembled a miniature wolf, Sosuke caught the attention of a woman named Ashlee and her partner when they visited the shelter. They had been looking for a furry addition to their family, and they were immediately smitten with this unique fella.

The ‘wolf’ gets a name

They adopted the wolfish creature and named him Sosuke. They didn’t even get him home before they realized they had adopted the snuggliest cat ever.

Sosuke gets comfortable

In the car, he made himself comfortable in the neck of one of his new human’s hoodies (while she was wearing it).

Sosuke chirps

He loves investigating the world around him, but it seems pretty obvious he loves cuddles and napping on his humans just as much. He also apparently has an adorable “meow.”

“He never learned how to meow so he chirps instead,” Ashlee told LoveMeow.

Sosuke is right at home

He seems to view his humans as a throne to perch on, and especially likes to sit on Ashlee’s shoulder as she walks around the house. And if he’s not physically on his humans, you can bet he’s right on their heels, following them around.

When it’s nap time, he must be on one of them.

Sosuke changes color once more

Eventually Sosuke’s fever coat turned into a beautiful black with a bloom of white at his throat.

It’s been over two years since his rescue, and Sosuke seems like he has some pretty awesome “humums.”

Sosuke can be found on Instagram at sosuke_kitty.

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