Deployed Soldier’s Dog Brought To Shelter As Stray By Person Trusted To Care For Him

A soldier made the necessary arrangements for Wade, his beloved dog, before being deployed to fight in Afghanistan. He left his Mastiff mix with a trusted friend to care for until he returned. However, the soldier and Wade were betrayed.

Wade was surrendered to Hernando County Animal Services as a stray, but when the shelter scanned his microchip they discovered he was actually owned by a deployed soldier.

Photo: Facebook/Hernando County Animal Services

An investigation is underway to try and understand how someone could abandon a soldier’s dog that they promised to care for. The shelter posted on Facebook to try and find another home to care for the sweet boy until his owner returned.

Wade weighing 110 pounds was described as “very strong and powerful, needs experienced handler – dog does feed off the energy in the kennel, but has been good with staff. Wade has a mass/lump tennis ball size on the left front leg ‘ankle’ area. Does not seem to be painful but dogs’ leg is crooked.”

Multiple people offered to take in the Wade until his dad returned. However, the perfect situation presented itself when a large cage-free animal ranch offered to care for him.

Photo: Facebook/Hernando County Animal Services

“Wade has left the building with Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR)!!
THANK YOU Big Dog Ranch Rescue for stepping up for this guy. It is BDDR policy and intention to hold Wade at the rescue/ranch living a happy cage free life until his soldier person comes home and they can be reunited.
Happy Life Wade – you were one of a kind and we will all miss you,” posted Hernando County Animal Services.

Photo: Facebook/Big Dog Ranch Rescue

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Big Dog Ranch Rescue has rescued over 27,000 dogs and is the nations largest cage-free, no-kill ranch. The 33-acre rescue in Florida was “founded on the idea that every dog deserves to live and, most importantly, to live a full and happy life.”

Wade is being showered with love and affection while he waits for his dad to return home. Hopefully, that happy reunion will occur soon.

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